INES Mapper 035

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FCEUX's source says iNES Mapper 035 represents a pirate ROM hack of Kirby's Adventure. That implementation looks a subset of JY Company's mappers, supporting/using only the registers at $6000-$7FFF, $8000-$8002, $9000-$9007, $C002, $C003, $C005, and $D001.

$6000-$7FFF: PRG RAM bank

$8000-$8002: PRG regs

$9000-$9007: CHR regs

$C002:  Any write here will acknowledge and disable IRQs
$C003:  Any write here will enable IRQs
$C005:  IRQ Counter

$D001: Mirroring reg

   Mapper 35   JY Company
  %00 = Vert   %00 = Vert
  %01 = Horz   %01 = Horz
  %10 = 1ScB   %10 = 1ScA
  %11 = 1ScA   %11 = 1ScB

This is probably either a duplicate of one of mapper 90's variants, or yet another variant.