INES Mapper 147

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Санчез says that iNES Mapper 147 is yet another Sachen board, used for the game Challenge of the Dragon and its localization Chinese Kungfu ( 少林武者 )

 Mask: $4103
 Bus conflicts in the mirror at $C102-$FFFE (don't do that)
 $4102: [PCCC CP..] - Select 32 KiB PRG bank and 8 KiB CHR bank

The localization (Chinese Kungfu) seems to be defective, despite its verified status is GoodNES (“[!]”)—the wrong CHR banks are selected during attract mode and in the second area of gameplay. Looking at the actual graphics, CHR banks 4 & 6, 5 & 7, 12 & 14, 13 & 15 are duplicates of 2, 3, 10, 11 respectively. Taking the last 120KiB of CHR from Challenge of the Dragon and using it to replace the corresponding bytes in Chinese Kungfu seems to produce graphics that function as intended.