INES Mapper 148

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Nestopia and Санчез say that iNES Mapper 148 is a cost-reduced version of mapper 146=79=NINA-06 that omits the bus conflict prevention circuitry. This is also known as the hardware that Tengen used in their PCB 800008, containing their version of Tetris.

The only game we’ve found anywhere that actually needs this definition is Sachen’s Mahjong World. Everything else that uses this hardware is accurately emulated using CNROM. Pedantically, Nestopia’s database decided it was more correct to put Panesian’s oversize CNROM games here instead, but failed to also refile Tengen’s Tetris.

 Mask: $8000
 Bus conflicts:
 $8000: [.... PCCC] - Select 32 KiB PRG bank and 8 KiB CHR bank