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This mapper was assigned by Kevtris for a newly-dumped game from 1992: Magic Kid GooGoo

Here's a page discussing it:

Mednafen supported it with 0.9.42

FCEUX supported it with r3334

PowerPak Mapper: forum thread

Here's Kevtris's notes on the mapper:

Magic Kid GooGoo


I have assigned this game mapper 190.  Fortunately the mapper is fairly
simple, being composed of two 74LS670 4*4 register file chips, a PAL16R4,
some pullup resistors, two ROMs and an 8K WRAM.

The mapper is fairly straight forward, but kind of weird.  

PRG switching:

There's 16 16K PRG ROM banks, but a combination of address and data lines are used
to select it.

C000-FFFF is set to the *first* bank of ROM at all times (vs. the more common
last bank of ROM).

8000-BFFF is selectable by writing to either 8000-9FFF or C000-DFFF.

Writing to 8000-9FFF will select bank 0-7 depending on D0-D2.
Writing to C000-DFFF will select bank 8-15 depending on D0-D2.

So the 4 bank bits are formed like so:

A14, D2, D1, D0  (highest bit to lowest bit)

I don't know why they did it this way but they did.

There is also 8K of RAM mapped in at 6000-7FFF.  This RAM is always enabled and is
not battery backed.

CHR Switching:

CHR is composed of 4 2K banks at 0000-07FF, 0800-0FFF, 1000-17FF, 1800-1FFF.

Writing to A000 selects the bank at 0000-07FF in PPU space,
A001 selects the bank at 0800-0FFF
A002 selects the bank at 1000-17FF
A003 selects the bank at 1800-1FFF

Only A0, A1, A13, 14, and 15 are used to select the CHR bank and match the following mask:

101x xxxx xxxx xxbb

b = CHR bank # to change.   

This means that A000, A004, A008, A00C, ... BFF8, BFFC all set the first 2K CHR bank.

Rephrasing in a more tabular manner:

A~[1P0. .... .... ....] D~[.... .PPP]
    |                            |||
    +----------------------------+++--- Select 16 KiB PRG bank at $8000-$BFFF

PRG bank at $C000-$FFFF fixed to bank 0

A~[101. .... ....] D~[CCCC CCCC]
                    ||     |||| ||||
                    ||     ++++-++++--- Select 2 KiB CHR bank ...
                    ++----------------- for PPU address starting at bb*$800