NES 2.0 Mapper 516

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INES 2.0 Mapper 516 is used for the two Brilliant Com Cocoma Pack cartridges from EduBank. They consist of an MMC3 clone (AX5202P) with an additional PAL.


Mask: $E011

  • $8000, $8001, $A000, $A001, $C000, $C001, $E000, $E001; addresses where CPU A4 is low: As normal MMC3. Note that the PRG and CHR banks are limited to a 128 KiB inner bank.

Mask: $8010

$8010: A~[1xxx xxxx xxx1 CCPP]
                         ||++-- Select 128 KiB outer PRG bank (i.e. PRG A18 and A17)
                         ++---- Select 128 KiB outer CHR bank (i.e. CHR A18 and A17)

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