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The SNES controller is very similar to the NES' standard controller, with a collection of digital inputs that are latched and read in series. With a suitable adapter, reading the SNES controller is like reading an NES controller with 4 extra buttons.

The 16 bit report:

bit input
0 B
1 Y
2 Select
3 Start
4 Up
5 Down
6 Left
7 Right
8 A
9 X
10 L
11 R
12 0
13 0
14 0
15 0

Note that the first 8 values map directly to the original NES controller's 8 inputs (SNES B = NES A, and SNES Y = NES B).

The last 4 bits will always read 0 from a standard SNES controller. Other values here may indicate other devices[1].

After the 16 bit report, subsequent bits will read as 1.

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