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"Myask": It is pronounced like "mask" except with the first sound of "meow"(miau), a ミャ. It's not "my ask".

I have used to some degree or other various BASICs, an assembly lang or two, Verilog, HDL, LOGO, some LISP[-family], various C-families. In addition to English, I know/am studying (in decreasing familiarity) German, Japanese, and French.

I enjoy theorycrafting and arcane details, most of the time. I find unofficial opcodes neat, and am still using hex editor(s) to program my NES projects.

I agree to license my non-userspace contributions to this wiki as public domain / WTFPL / CC0 / Unlicense.


Add pages for mappers: PPak implemented: 081 (not in Nintendulator, FCEUX), 161(not in Nintendulator, FCEUX) have added 229

Everdrive implemented: 212(in Nestopia only "BMC_SUPERHIK_300IN1 = MakeId< 212,") [off 174], have added 219 (in FCEUX)

Add own mapper implementations, do more mapper implementations, add mapper spreadsheet wikiexport


Myapper thoughts, MyaGrafx, Universal Mapper Description Language