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This is a list of NES emulators.


Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
acNES Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance Used for Animal Crossing, e-Reader, and Classic NES Series. The name "acNES" is unofficial, as Nintendo has not released this emulator as a distinct product. Information from TCRF indicates that it may be called "QFC".
Virtual Console Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS Most games cost 500 Nintendo Points in Wii Shop Channel
PocketNES Atlus, Jaleco, Konami Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS source: Wikipedia


These are commonly used or well-established.

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
BizHawk Multiple authors Win32, MacOS
FCE Ultra GX Tantric Wii, GameCube
FCEUX Anthony Giorgio / Mark Doliner Win32, Linux
FCEUXD SP sp Win32
Jnes Jabosoft Win32
nemulator James Slepicka Win32 (Vista/7)
nesemu2 holodnak Win32, OS X, Linux github source
NESten TNSe Win32
NEStopia Martin Freij Win32 Linux, MacOS
Nestopia UE rdanbrook Linux, BSD, Win7+ a.k.a. Nestopia Undead Edition. Contains bugfixes/etc.
Windows binaries are available at Sourceforge or at EmuCR
Nintendulator Quietust Win32 Nintendulator DX (by thefox) for an even more-improved debugger
NO$NES Martin Korth Win32
PocketNES loopy, FluBBa, and Dwedit Game Boy Advance Updates on Dwedit's board
RockNES Zepper (formerly Fx3) Win32
UberNES M \ K Productions Win32
VirtuaNES Norix Win32

Under development

The following is a list of NES emulators that are supposedly under development, who their authors are, relevant home pages/sites, and the source of the announcement (direct or indirect).

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
NESICIDE (version 1) NESICIDE Win32
NESICIDE (version 2) NESICIDE/essial Win32/64, Linux32/64, MacOS
FPGA NES Ludde FPGA (hardware)
VeriNES jwdonal FPGA (hardware) Announcement
FPGA NES kevtris FPGA (hardware)
FPGA NES Dan Strother FPGA (hardware)
NESFaCE 6T4 Win32 Announcement
kindred Overload Win32 Announcement
 ? allthatremains Win32 Announcement
? amin2312 Flash Announcement
ModNES Petruza Portable, mainly MacOS & Win32 Announcement
A/NES Morgan Johansson AmigaOS Announcement
puNES FHorse Linux32/64, Win32/64 Announcement
famique sahib Mac OS X, Win32, Linux Announcement
FooNES aphex Win32 Announcement
nesemu1 Bisqwit libSDL (portable), testing under Linux Announcement
MoarNES miker00lz Win32 Announcement
jaNES crudelios Win32 Announcement
 ? neet  ? Announcement
 ? foobaz Java Announcement
 ? MottZilla  ? Announcement
 ? runaway pancake  ? Announcement
 ? Vegenad  ? Announcement
 ? johnathonrh  ? Announcement
Yanese Anes Win32 Announcement
 ? nesemuguy  ? Announcement
 ? Coldberg  ? Announcement
 ? pops  ? Announcement
 ? beannaich  ? Announcement
 ? windwakr  ? Announcement
 ? JuniorZ  ? Announcement
 ? NesHackR  ? Announcement
AwesomeNES Snaer libSDL (portable) Announcement
 ? BeTheDuck  ? Announcement
 ? Luke  ? Announcement
 ? The Lord  ? Announcement
 ? essial  ? Announcement
 ? JamesK89  ? Announcement
 ? yaazz OS X Announcement
 ? blanham OS X Announcement
 ? magicphenix  ? Announcement
 ? happymaomao  ? Announcement
 ? someone_somewhere  ? Announcement
 ? Undubbed  ? Announcement
 ? Muchaserres  ? Announcement
 ? takeda  ? Announcement
 ? albailey  ? Announcement
 ? CaptainMuscles  ? Announcement
 ? hatorijr  ? Announcement
 ? tanoatnd  ? Announcement
 ? max_sweat  ? Announcement
 ? jjpeerless  ? Announcement
 ? Cloudy  ? Announcement
 ? meatloaf69  ? Announcement
 ? parth FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? oRBIT2002  ? Announcement
 ? Elessar  ? Announcement
 ? cmoh89  ? Announcement
HDNes mkwong98 Win32 Announcement
 ? ehguacho  ? Announcement
 ? nop Java Announcement
MSE Alegend45  ? Announcement
 ? emu_enthusiast  ? Announcement
MahNES HLorenzi Win32 Announcement
 ? haydenmuhl  ? Announcement
 ? urbanspr1nter  ? Announcement
Fergulator fergus_maximus Mac OS X or X Windows Announcement
 ? ermular Win32 Announcement
Kryptonware rubenhbaca Java Announcement
 ? alexwy  ? Announcement
 ? caiiio  ? Announcement
 ? miguelsfp Win32 Announcement
 ? ember FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? ninjis  ? Announcement
? submarine600 PC-8801 Announcement
Yane roku6185 libSDL (portable), testing under Linux Announcement
VPNES x0000 Win32 Announcement
Pretendo proxy Linux/BeOS/Win32 Announcement
 ? samfoo  ? Announcement
 ? LightStruk  ? Announcement
Nezulator Zelex JavaScript Announcement
EMUya Zelex Ouya Announcement
 ? dreampeppers99  ? Announcement
 ? Skypher  ? Announcement
? graham Javascript Announcement
 ? ArsonIzer Java Announcement
 ? SuperFXMaster FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? Choz Win32 w/ SDL Announcement
 ? sronsse  ? Announcement
 ? Emu6502Writer  ? Announcement
 ? fred  ? Announcement
 ? janzdott  ? Announcement
 ? d15ea5e  ? Announcement
 ? mrhyde  ? Announcement
 ? codeblox  ? Announcement
FC87 Boolean SDL (Win32, GNU/Linux) Announcement
phibiaNES nIghtorius Win32 Announcement
 ? Choz  ? Announcement
nintengo nwidger Go w/ libSDL
ffnes rockcarry Win32 Announcement
WebNES peteward44 Javascript Announcement / Live demo
O-Nes-Sama Fumarumota, aLaix SDL2 (Win32, GNU/Linux) Announcement
Nintaco zeroone Java Announcement
 ? austere  ? Announcement
cfxnes jonyzz Javascript/CoffeeScript Announcement / Live demo
 ? mreiland  ? Announcement
? daroou Win32 Announcement
fogleman/nes Michael Fogleman Go with Go/GL and PortAudio Medium article
 ? RobertLoggia  ? Announcement
nesalizer Ulfalizer libSDL (portable), tested on Linux
 ? NewDietCoke248903  ? Announcement
 ? imid Win32/.NET Repeated questions/details on NESdev IRC channel
 ? mreiland Linux (?) Announcement
nSide hex_usr  ? Fork of byuu's higan-nes. Announcement
 ? DarylTechNES  ? Announcement
HalfNES Grapeshot Java Github source
 ? thomson  ? Announcement