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This is a list of NES emulators.


Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
acNES Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance Used for Animal Crossing, e-Reader, and Classic NES Series. The name "acNES" is unofficial, as Nintendo has not released this emulator as a distinct product. Information from TCRF indicates that it may be called "QFC".
Virtual Console Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS Most games cost 500 Nintendo Points in Wii Shop Channel
PocketNES loopy, FluBBa, and Dwedit Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Used commercially for some emulated re-releases by Atlus, Jaleco, Konami


These are commonly used or well-established.

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
BizHawk Multiple authors Win32, MacOS
FCE Ultra GX Tantric Wii, GameCube
FCEUX Anthony Giorgio / Mark Doliner Win32, Linux
FCEUXD SP sp Win32
higan byuu Win32, FreeBSD, Linux, OS X Multi-platform
iNES Marat Fayzullin Win32 and Linux
Jnes Jabosoft Win32
Mesen Sour Win32/.NET Announcement / Source, excellent debugger
nemulator James Slepicka Win32 (Vista/7)
nesemu2 holodnak Win32, OS X, Linux github source
NESten TNSe Win32
NEStopia Martin Freij Win32 Linux, MacOS
Nestopia UE rdanbrook Linux, BSD, Win7+ a.k.a. Nestopia Undead Edition. Contains bugfixes/etc.
Windows binaries are available at Sourceforge or at EmuCR
Nintendulator Quietust Win32 Nintendulator DX (by thefox) for an even more-improved debugger
NO$NES Martin Korth Win32
PocketNES loopy, FluBBa, and Dwedit Game Boy Advance Updates on Dwedit's board
RockNES Zepper (formerly Fx3) Win32
UberNES M \ K Productions Win32
VirtuaNES Norix Win32

Under development

The following is a list of NES emulators that are supposedly under development, who their authors are, relevant home pages/sites, and the source of the announcement (direct or indirect).

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
NESICIDE (version 1) NESICIDE Win32
NESICIDE (version 2) NESICIDE/essial Win32/64, Linux32/64, MacOS
FPGA NES Ludde hardware)
VeriNES jwdonal FPGA (hardware) Announcement
FPGA NES kevtris FPGA (hardware)
FPGA NES Dan Strother FPGA (hardware)
NESFaCE 6T4 Win32 Announcement
kindred Overload Win32 Announcement
 ? allthatremains Win32 Announcement
? amin2312 Flash Announcement
ModNES Petruza Portable, mainly MacOS & Win32 Announcement
A/NES Morgan Johansson AmigaOS Announcement
puNES FHorse Linux32/64, Win32/64 Announcement / Source
famique sahib Mac OS X, Win32, Linux Announcement
FooNES aphex Win32 Announcement
nesemu1 Bisqwit libSDL (portable), testing under Linux Announcement
MoarNES miker00lz Win32 Announcement
jaNES crudelios Win32 Announcement
 ? neet  ? Announcement
 ? foobaz Java Announcement
 ? MottZilla  ? Announcement
 ? runaway pancake  ? Announcement
 ? Vegenad  ? Announcement
 ? johnathonrh  ? Announcement
Yanese Anes Win32 Announcement
 ? nesemuguy  ? Announcement
 ? Coldberg  ? Announcement
 ? pops  ? Announcement
 ? beannaich  ? Announcement
 ? windwakr  ? Announcement
 ? JuniorZ  ? Announcement
 ? NesHackR  ? Announcement
AwesomeNES Snaer libSDL (portable) Announcement
 ? BeTheDuck  ? Announcement
 ? Luke  ? Announcement
 ? The Lord  ? Announcement
 ? essial  ? Announcement
 ? JamesK89  ? Announcement
 ? yaazz OS X Announcement
 ? blanham OS X Announcement
 ? magicphenix  ? Announcement
 ? happymaomao  ? Announcement
 ? someone_somewhere  ? Announcement
 ? Undubbed  ? Announcement
 ? Muchaserres  ? Announcement
 ? takeda  ? Announcement
 ? albailey  ? Announcement
 ? CaptainMuscles  ? Announcement
 ? hatorijr  ? Announcement
 ? tanoatnd  ? Announcement
 ? max_sweat  ? Announcement
 ? jjpeerless  ? Announcement
 ? Cloudy  ? Announcement
 ? meatloaf69  ? Announcement
 ? parth FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? oRBIT2002  ? Announcement
 ? Elessar  ? Announcement
 ? cmoh89  ? Announcement
HDNes mkwong98 Win32 Announcement
 ? ehguacho  ? Announcement
 ? nop Java Announcement
 ? emu_enthusiast  ? Announcement
MahNES HLorenzi Win32 Announcement
 ? haydenmuhl  ? Announcement
 ? urbanspr1nter  ? Announcement
Fergulator fergus_maximus Mac OS X or X Windows Announcement
 ? ermular Win32 Announcement
 ? alexwy  ? Announcement
 ? caiiio  ? Announcement
 ? miguelsfp Win32 Announcement
 ? ember FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? ninjis  ? Announcement
? submarine600 PC-8801 Announcement
Yane roku6185 libSDL (portable), testing under Linux Announcement
VPNES x0000 Win32 w/ SDL Announcement
Pretendo proxy Linux/BeOS/Win32 Announcement
 ? samfoo  ? Announcement
 ? LightStruk  ? Announcement
Nezulator Zelex JavaScript Announcement
EMUya Zelex Ouya Announcement
 ? dreampeppers99  ? Announcement
 ? Skypher  ? Announcement
 ? ArsonIzer Java Announcement
 ? SuperFXMaster FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? Choz Win32 w/ SDL Announcement
 ? sronsse  ? Announcement
 ? Emu6502Writer  ? Announcement
 ? fred  ? Announcement
 ? janzdott  ? Announcement
 ? d15ea5e  ? Announcement
 ? mrhyde  ? Announcement
 ? codeblox  ? Announcement
FC87 Boolean SDL (Win32, GNU/Linux) Announcement
phibiaNES nIghtorius Win32 Announcement
 ? Choz  ? Announcement
nintengo nwidger Go w/ libSDL
ffnes rockcarry Win32 Announcement
WebNES peteward44 Javascript Announcement / Live demo
O-Nes-Sama Fumarumota, aLaix SDL2 (Win32, GNU/Linux) Announcement
Nintaco zeroone Java Announcement
 ? austere  ? Announcement
cfxnes jonyzz Javascript/CoffeeScript Announcement / Live demo
 ? mreiland  ? Announcement
? daroou Win32 Announcement
fogleman/nes Michael Fogleman Go with Go/GL and PortAudio Medium article
 ? RobertLoggia  ? Announcement
nesalizer Ulfalizer libSDL (portable), tested on Linux
 ? NewDietCoke248903  ? Announcement
 ? imid Win32/.NET Repeated questions/details on NESdev IRC channel
 ? mreiland Linux (?) Announcement
nSide hex_usr  ? Fork of byuu's higan-nes. Announcement
 ? DarylTechNES  ? Announcement
HalfNES Grapeshot Java Github source
EduNes thomson SDL2 Announcement
 ? Feuerwerk42 FPGA (hardware) Announcement
 ? fspinolo  ? Announcement
 ? DaNES  ? Announcement
 ? charrli  ? Announcement
 ? amhndu  ? Announcement
SharpNES colinvella Win32/.NET Announcement
 ? Alyosha_TAS  ? Announcement
NESfusto DarkMoe  ? Announcement
 ? Bowie90333212391  ? Announcement
 ? RomarioSilva  ? Announcement
 ? JSBryan  ? Announcement
 ? Sarospa  ? Announcement
 ? Totolasticot42  ? Announcement
 ? been_jamin  ? Announcement
 ? wbrian  ? Announcement
 ? lord_Chile  ? Announcement
Nintendoish drewying Win32 Announcement / Source
 ? tdondich JavaScript (Vue.js) Announcement / Source
 ? ace314159  ? Announcement
 ? iOSBrett Swift Announcement
 ? relaxok  ? Announcement
 ? jamieyello  ? Announcement
macifom Auston Stewart osx, ios


These are emulators which are known to be officially discontinued, i.e. abandoned or are no longer in development.

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Other details
iNES Marat Fayzullin MS-DOS Version discontinued; Win32 and Linux still active
Kryptonware rubenhbaca Java Initial development announcement. Website has reported "under maintenance" for a very long time
MSE Alegend45  ? Initial development announcement. GitHub account has been deleted
? graham Javascript Initial development announcement. Website returns internal server error
Alphanes zerojnt Go Initial development announcement