4-in-1 multicart

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4-in-1 multicart

4-in-1 menu
4-in-1 top
4-in-1 bottom
4-in-1 schematic

This cartridge contains 4 CNROM games:

  • Puzzle
  • F-15 City War
  • Volley Ball
  • PokeBlock


  • CPU $8000-$ffff: 32 KiB switchable PRG ROM bank
  • PPU $0000-$1fff: 8 KiB switchable CHR ROM bank


H/V (selected by software)

Subject to bus conflicts



Mask: $8000

$8000: [..pP CCCC]
          || ||||
          || ++++- select 8kB CHR-ROM bank at $0000-$1fff
          ++------ select 32 kB PRG-ROM bank at $8000-$ffff
          +------- select mirroring (0=H, 1=V)


  • Multicart register overlaps CNROM register and multicart register is not protected from writes after game is selected, so all games' bankswitching routines had to be patched
  • The register is not initialized on powerup or reset, so all games' reset vector had to be patched
  • DIP28 1 Mibit mask roms are used both for PRG and CHR (pin 22, which is normally used as !OE in DIP28 EEPROMS is utilized as A16)
  • This is basically identical to GxROM but one bit also determines nametable mirroring as well as PRG bank