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Action 53 is a series of homebrew multicart releases, using a mapper designed by Damian Yerrick for this purpose.

For the multicart mapper, see: Action 53 mapper

This multi-discrete mapper (iNES #28) can simulate the behavior of popular discrete boards. In the first volume, the menu and all games except STREEMERZ run in this mapper's BNROM compatibility mode. The second volume still uses BNROM mode for the menu and most games but uses UNROM mode for two games (Super PakPak and Solar Wars) and NROM-128 mode for 16K games so that both games in a bank can have their own NMI vectors.


Action 53 Function 16 Volume ONE

  1. Streemerz
  2. Forehead Block Guy
  3. LAN Master
  4. Lawn Mower
  5. Slappin'
  6. Thwaite
  7. Concentration Room
  8. Driar
  9. I Wanna Flip the Sky
  10. MineShaft
  11. Munchie Attack
  12. NES15
  13. NES Virus Cleaner
  14. Pogo Cats
  15. ZapPing
  16. Zooming Secretary
  17. Music Toy: Axe
  18. Russian Roulette
  19. TapeDump
  20. Zapper Calibration

Double Action 53 Volume 2

  1. Double Action Blaster Guys
  2. RHDE: Furniture Fight
  3. robotfindskitten
  4. Sliding Blaster
  5. Solar Wars
  6. Super PakPak
  7. 1007 Bolts
  8. 2048
  9. Auge
  10. Chase
  11. Function
  12. Love Story
  13. MilioNESy
  14. PCB Artist
  15. Sir Ababol
  16. Sgt. Helmet - Training Day
  17. Conway's Life
  18. Sound Effect Editor
  19. Theremin


In order of menu appearance, through volume 2:

  1. Mr Podunkian@SuperFunDungeonRun: design of STREEMERZ
  2. thefox@Faux Game Co.: port of STREEMERZ
  3. Joshua Hoffman: FHBG, DABG, Sliding Blaster, some RHDE graphics, Conway's Life
  4. Shiru: LAN Master, Lawn Mower, program of Zooming Secretary, Chase
  5. PinWizz: graphics of Zooming Secretary
  6. Michael Swanson: Slappin'
  7. Damian Yerrick: menu, Thwaite, Concentration Room, Zap Ruder, Russian Roulette, RHDE, port of robotfindskitten, Sound Effect Editor
  8. David Eriksson: Driar
  9. Stefan Adolfsson: Driar
  10. Tom Livak: I Wanna Flip the Sky, Love Story, Threremin
  11. Nioreh: MineShaft
  12. Memblers: Munchie Attack
  13. Mathew Brenaman: NES15
  14. Roth@Sly Dog: NES Virus Cleaner
  15. Yggi: Pogo Cats
  16. Chris Covell: TapeDump, Solar Wars
  17. Leonard Richardson: design of robotfindskitten
  18. artoh: Super PakPak
  19. user: 1007 Bolts
  20. Gabriele Cirulli: design of 2048
  21. tsone: port of 2048
  22. Krill: Auge
  23. Denine: Function, MilioNESy
  24. Paul Molloy@Infinite NES Lives: PCB Artist, cart manufacturing
  25. Mojon Twins: Sir Ababol, Sgt. Helmet - Training Day

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