INES Mapper 182

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 Here are Disch's original notes:  
 =  Mapper 182          =
 Example Games:
 Super Donkey Kong
 This mapper is an MMC3 with its registers all scrambled to hell.  Rather than a typical register outline,
 this section will "translate" mapper 182 registers to their coresponding "normal" MMC3 counterpart.  For MMC3
 details, see mapper 004.
 Range, Mask:   $8000-FFFF, $E001
    Mapper 182    MMC3
      $8000        -
      $8001      $A000
      $A000      $8000 (addresses further scrambled, see below)
      $A001        -
      $C000      $8001
      $C001      $C000+$C001 *
      $E000      $E000
      $E001      $E001
 A write to $C001 would be like a write to both $C000 and $C001 on a normal MMC3 (sets reload value, and
 clears the IRQ counter).
 The Address/Data port registers are further scrambled:
    Mapper 182    MMC3
        R:0       R:0
        R:1       R:3
        R:2       R:1
        R:3       R:5
        R:4       R:6
        R:5       R:7
        R:6       R:2
        R:7       R:4
 Other than this scrambling mess, the mapper operates exactly like a normal MMC3.