INES Mapper 195

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iNES Mapper 195, like mappers 74, 119, 191, 192, and 194, replaces some pages of CHR in this MMC3-like mapper with RAM.

195 specifically replaces pages 0-3 with RAM. It seems to be used at least for the Waixing pirate ports Columbus - Ougon no Yoake, Captain Tsubasa Vol 2.

This information was derived from the Nestopia-1.4.0 and FCEUX-2.1.5 sources.

A NES 2.0-compliant image and emulator will treat mappers 194 and 195 the same; they both specify CHR-RAM pages start at 0 and contain no mirrors.

Mappers 252 and 253, also used for Waixing's localizations, are similar but use a VRC4.