INES Mapper 199

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iNES Mapper 199 is used for two kinds of Waixing boards:

  • A duplicate of INES Mapper 176. Such games can be detected by them writing $02 to $5FF3 to enable Mapper 176's Extended MMC3 Mode.
  • A INES Mapper 004-compatible board with the usual 8 KiB of battery-backed WRAM at $6000-$7FFF, but also an additional 4 KiB of non-battery-backed RAM at $5000-$5FFF, used by the following games:
    • 成吉思汗 (Chéngjísīhán), Waixing's Chinese translation of Koei's Genghis Khan
    • 風色幻想 (Fēngsè Huànxiǎng) / 湯姆歷險記中文版 (Tāngmǔ Lìxiǎn jì Zhōngwén bǎn); Waixing's Chinese translation of Square no Tom Sawyer