INES Mapper 212

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According to FCEUX's source, iNES Mapper 212 is yet another simple discrete logic pirate multicart mapper.

Nestopia calls it "BMC Super HiK 300-in-1".

Write $8000-$FFFF:
 A~[1o.. .... .... MBBb]
     |             ||||
     |             |+++-- Combined PRG and CHR bank number
     |             +----- Nametable mirroring (0:V/A10, 1:H/A11)
     +------------------- Banking style

When Banking style is 0, BBb specifies a 16 KiB PRG bank at both CPU $8000 and $C000. When it's 1, BB is 32 KiB PRG bank at CPU $8000.

Regardless of the value of the "o" bit, BBb is 8 KiB CHR bank at PPU $0000.

Equivalently, the latched copy of A2 through A0 goes to PRG A16 through A14 and CHR A15 through A13.

Mask: $E010
Read: $6000: [1... ....]
 reads from these addresses return a value with the most significant bit set, while all other addresses and bits are open bus.

This is reminiscent of iNES Mapper 107.