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A few famiclones are equipped with infrared receiver and are paired with additional battery powered wireless joypad(s) with infrared transmitters. Most of them can be configured to work as P1/P2 or even execute special functions (console restart, power down). They use special proprietary chips to handle the communication, whose protocols are not compatible with each other.

UA6580 + UA6581

     VCC--|01   18|->!LED                                                    
          |02   17|<-!RIGHT                ,---V---.                         
          |03   16|<-!LEFT        !RESET?  |01   14|->VCC                    
 !P1!/P2->|04   15|<-!DOWN         delay?  |02   13|->P2 inactivity pulse?   
   XTAL1->|05   14|<-!UP            XTAL1->|03   12|->P1 inactivity pulse?   
   XTAL2->|06   13|<-!START         XTAL2->|04   11|->P2_D0                  
          |07   12|<-!SELECT       P1_CLK->|05   10|<-P2_CLK                 
      IR<-|08   11|<-!A             P1_D0<-|06   09|<-OUT0
     GND--|09   10|<-!B               GND -|07   08|<-IR
          `-------`                        `-------`                         
        UA6580 (transmitter)            UA6581 (receiver)                    

They can be found in Bentech Computer Game Machine console and DR Super joypad.

FLY046 + FLY047

       !UP->|01   20|<-!DOWN
    !START->|02   19|<-!LEFt                                                 
   !SELECT->|03   18|<-!RIGHT                ,---V---.                       
        !B->|04   17|<-!2P/1P        P1_CLK->|01   14|
        !A->|05   16|--VCC           P2_CLK->|02   13|<-OUT0
 !TURBO_ON->|06   15|<-!OFF/ON               |03   12|<-IR
     XTAL1->|07   14|--GND                   |04   11|-VCC 
     XTAL2->|08   13|--VCC              GND--|05   10|<-XTAL2
   !REDLED<-|09   12|->IR2            P1_D0<-|06   09|<-XTAL1
       GND--|10   11|->IR1            P2_D0  |07   08|
            `-------`                        `-------`
 		FLY046 (transmitter)          FLY047 (receiver)

They can be found in Micro Genius IQ1000 console and Micro Genius TIJ-309 joypad.

FLY-826A + FLY-827A

 !REDLED <-|01   20|-- +5V                                   ,---v---.
 !SLOW   ->|02   19|-> !IR                         IRLED   ->|01   18|-> ?
 !LEFT   ->|03   18|-- XTAL2                           ?   --|02   17|-- ?
 !UP     ->|04   17|-- XTAL1 (455 kHZ)   XTAL1 455k (sine) ->|03   16|<- !RESET
 !RIGHT  ->|05   16|<- !SELECT           XTAL2 455k (sq)   <-|04   15|-- ?
 !DOWN   ->|06   15|<- !START                power strobe  <-|05   14|-- +5V
 TURBOB  <-|07   14|<- !A                          P2 D0   <-|06   13|<- P1 CLK
 TURBOA  <-|08   13|<- !B                          P2 CLK  ->|07   12|<- OUT0
 !2P/1P  ->|09   12|-- GND                   reset strobe  <-|08   11|-> P1 D0
 !FUN    ->|10   11|-- ?                               ?   --|09   10|-- GND
           +-------+                                         +-------+
        FLY-826A (transmitter)                             FLY-827A (receiver) 

They can be found in Micro Genius IQ2000 console and Micro Genius TIJ-325 joypad.

RTS703 + RTS702

          ,---V---.                        ,---V---.           
  !P2/P1->|01   16|--VCC            RESET->|01   16|->B        
     !UP->|02   15|->LED           ? TEST--|02   15|->A        
   !DOWN->|03   14|->!IR            XTAL1->|03   14|->SELECT   
     GND--|04   13|--H16 (?)        XTAL2->|04   13|->START    
  !RIGHT->|05   12|<-!B               GND--|05   12|->UP       
   !LEFT->|06   11|<-!A                IR->|06   11|->DOWN     
   XTAL1->|07   10|<-!SELECT          VCC--|07   10|->P1/P2    
   XTAL2->|08   09|<-!START          LEFT<-|08   09|->RIGHT    
          `-------`                        `-------`           
      RTS703 (transmitter)              RTS702 (receiver)      

?? + 74126

Receiver is integrated with Gameinis Ping Pong cartridge and transmitter is believed to be part of a ping pong rocked-shaped joypad.