NES 2.0 Mapper 297

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NES 2.0 Mapper 297 denotes the TXC 01-22110-000 board, used for the multicart 2-in-1 Uzi Lightgun (MGC-002). Its hardware can function as an MMC1 or as INES Mapper 070.


Mode register ($4120)

Mask: $E100

7654 3210
.... ..AM
       |+- Mapper mode and outer 128 KiB PRG/CHR-ROM bank
       |   0: Mapper 70, Latch at $8000-$FFFF, PRG/CHR A17=0
       |   1: Mapper 1, MMC1-compatible registers at $8000-$FFFF, PRG/CHR A17=1
       +-- PRG A16 in Mapper 70 mode

Data latch in Mapper 70 mode ($8000-$FFFF)

See INES Mapper 070.

MMC1 registers in Mapper 1 mode ($8000-$FFFF)

See INES Mapper 001.

Nametable mirroring

Mirroring is fixed to Vertical by way of an additional wire connecting CIRAM A10 to PA10.

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