NES cartridge dimensions

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NES Cartridge Outline

New measurements are needed.

NES Cartridge PCB Outline

On the right is a diagram showing the basic outline of an NROM PCB.


NES cartridge pin dimensions

On the right is a diagram showing the pin dimensions and their pitch (spacing). Note: the pitch is 2.50 millimeters (0.0984 inches), not the standard 2.54 millimeters (0.100 inches) that is very common today for dual-inline package chips.



XDraft 2D CAD/Drafting Program (This page previously had schematics made in Xdraft on it.)

Label dimensions

An NES Game Pak label measures roughly 55x97 mm, with the top 7 mm of that in the fold-over. But actual printing will need a bit of extra space for the bleed area. Here's a template showing the approximate size of a label for a standard NES cartridge.

acfrazier recommended printing cart labels on Avery 5164, Avery 5264, or Avery 8164 (4x3.33 in) labels.