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Like MMC1, except direct access to registers?[edit]

NesterJ's source code has a definition for Mapper 111 that implies that it is similar to the MMC1 except that the registers are directly accessible instead of needing to be fed 1 bit at a time. It is intended for a Chinese translation of Ninja Gaiden.

8000-9FFF: ...C PPMM (Control register)

A000-BFFF: ...C CCCC (CHR bank 0)

C000-DFFF: ...C CCCC (CHR bank 1)

E000-FFFF: ...R PPPP (PRG bank)

The code is poorly organized, so I don't know if the reset bit (originally set by writing 0x80 to any register) is implemented at all. 00:38, 29 March 2015 (MDT)