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My name is Damian Yerrick. I have developed a few NES programs:

  • Games
  • Multicart engines
  • Test ROMs
    • Mapper-specific tests: BNTest (oversize BNROM and AOROM), Test28 (Action 53 mapper), and tests for FME-7 timer and WRAM bank switching
    • Controller tests: Zap Ruder (Zapper), Vaus Test (Arkanoid controller), Eighty (Four Score), spadtest (Super NES controller on NES), but not these
    • Holy Diver Batman, a multi-mapper test that works unchanged on a dozen different mappers
    • Open bus behavior test
    • ca65 project templates for NES NROM, NES UNROM/SGROM/SNROM, and Super NES LoROM
    • 240p test suite, which tests the TV or upscaler connected to the video output
  • Pently, an audio engine designed for small ROM footprint without sacrificing power

I'm currently working on a commercial NES project. After that possibly are "Corral", "Fizzbuzz", "Wrecking Ball Boy" and the "Reptile" project.

For now see my web site, my microblog on Twitter (@PinoBatch), and my user pages on other wikis:

I am an administrator. If you have problems requiring sysop attention, I typically get at least an hour a day on a machine with administrative access.


Where otherwise unspecified, I hereby license my original contributions to this wiki under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) version 3.0. My code samples are additionally licensed under the zlib license.