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concept cover art for Drakon Shut up and Glue

"Good God! Look at this insanity. ... I don't even want to touch this thing. It's a f███ing nightmare!"


This page is a brainstorming session for Drakon Shut Up and Glue, a video game first proposed in #nesdev. Any registered user can add ideas here or on the talk page.

Drakon is a console and cart modder known for his overuse of hot glue and poor customer service. This game would satirize his habits.

Weaknesses: He gets pissy when you call him "Paste-Pot Dominic".

Gluing simulator

"Hi kids! Do you like hot glue? Wanna see me turn your Nintendo into a pile of dog poo?"

A point and click game where you race Drakon to fix mod components and wires onto your console, using as little glue as possible, in as little time as possible. It could use the SNES mouse, and it could also have a second mode where you have to remember to turn off the heat gun :)

We don't want Drakon getting the last laugh due to inaccurate depiction of glue gun operation. So anyway: To squeeze that glue out you need to repeatedly pull the trigger on a glue gun. Pulling the trigger grips the stick and shoves it into the heated funnel tip. it's the motion of the trigger that pushes it forward. It's a slow pull, and you can stop halfway. It's not an on/off flow switch, by any means.

Alternatively, the same game where you try to pump a console full of glue like a jelly donut. The challenge is reloading the glue sticks before the glue in the console dries.

Make it like liberal crime squad where your goal is to ruin vintage systems, starting small with the NES and getting larger until you are kiling PDP-11's or System/360's, up through the final system, the Soviet Ternary computer Setun.

And eventually get computer manufacturers to pre-fill their computers with epoxy by infiltrating Dell and HP and Apple, etc., and demonstrating to them the benefits of filling computers into solid blocks of glue like the Commodore 64 power supply.

You also have to dodge the prototype mafia [clarify] every 3 levels.

Somewhere in there you have to add the evil Drakon corp is funded by proceeds from charging for ROM hacks too.

Platform game

A platformer where you use glue in creative ways to reach the end of a level (i.e create ad hoc glue platforms and bridges, build pushable glue blobs to climb and use hot glue to stick centipede-like enemy RGB PPUs and PCBs in place. People who liked Solomon's Key or Fire 'n Ice might like this one.

Real life reference: Termites of the Nasutitermitinae subfamily have glue guns on their faces to defend themselves against ants. See #16[1]


An RPG about the struggle of Drakon and how he must over come the mean evil bullies on YouTube and various forums with his giant glue "buster" gun ala FF7. Initially the villain is thought to be that one dude that made that video about his work, but it turns out its actually just Tepples and they must showdown in an epic RPG battle with their respective guns; a soldering gun and a glue gun.

A customer threatens to have you curbstombed by his Asian cousin in Toronto who is part of a big local gang and you (Drakon) have to escape Toronto to the cannabis farms of British Columbia by rail.


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