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This is a description of the daughterboard attached to the main NES logic board with a 5-pin soldered header.



Parts List

Note: Surface-mount and uninstalled components are not listed

  • C19-20: R 472M 4700pF 2KV ceramic disc capacitors
  • C21: 2200µF 25V electrolytic capacitor
  • C23: 100µF 25V electrolytic capacitor
  • C25: 100µF 10V electrolytic capacitor
  • C29,C35: 1µF 50V electrolytic capacitors
  • C36: 10µF 16V electrolytic capacitor
  • D1-4: "N 8" rectifier diodes
  • L1: 2.2µH 20% inductor
  • L3: 0.48µH hand-wound inductor
  • L4: 0.39µH hand-wound inductor
  • L6: 0.32µH hand-wound inductor
  • L8: 220nH inductor
  • L9: 68µH 20% inductor
  • L?: 0.1µH hand-wound inductor
  • Q1,Q4-5: 2SC1740 NPN transistor
  • Q2: 2SC461 NPN transistor (Must use VHF-capable speeds if substituting)
  • R7: 15K Ohms 5% resistor
  • R19: 1K Ohms 5% resistor
  • R20: 1.8K Ohms 5% resistor
  • R22: 10K Ohms 5% resistor
  • R24: 105 Ohms 5% resistor
  • R25: 82 Ohms 5% resistor


GLEEOfl full.jpg Components as placed on non-solder (through-hole component) side of board.


Parts List