NES 2.0 Mapper 384

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NES 2.0 Mapper 384 denotes the L1A16 circuit board, used on a 4-in-1 multicart containing Crisis Force, among other games. It uses a VRC4 clone in the VRC4e configuration (VRC4 A0=CPU A2, VRC4 A1=CPU A3) and has 2 KiB of WRAM, mirrored once, in the CPU $6000-$6FFF area. The outer bank register overlays this area and contains a Lock bit to prevent Crisis Force's WRAM writes from changing the outer bank.

Outer Bank Register ($6800-$6FFF, write)

Mask: $F800

D~7654 3210
  .... LbBB
       ||++- PRG/CHR A17/A18 (128 KiB outer bank)
       |+--- unused, but could be PRG/CHR A19 on a larger multicart
       +---- 1: Lock outer bank

Power-on value: $00