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This page lists all major hardware reference divided by categories in their simplest form. From this list, you can drill down to a more specific section of the selected category.  
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=== General ===
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*[[Cartridge and mappers' history]]
=== Hardware reference ===
* [[2A03]]: [[APU]], [[CPU]]
* [[PPU]]
* [[Input devices]]
* [[Mapper]]s
* [[Hardware pinout|Pinout]]
* [[Clock rate]] of various components in different variants of NES
* [[Cartridge_board_reference|Cartridge board]]
* [[:File:neswires.jpg|RF Famicom wiring diagram]] (many parts also applicable to NES)
* [[Errata]]: Hardware bugs and quirks
* Miscellaneous
** [[Vs. System]]
** [[CIC lockout chip]]
** [[Myths]]
** [[PRG RAM circuit]]
** [[Implementing Mappers In Hardware]]
** [[Visual circuit tutorial|Tutorial on reading circuits in Visual 6502/2A03/2C02]]
** [[MOD RF|RF modulator board]]
** [http://console5.com/wiki/Nintendo_NES-001 Nintendo NES-001] on Console5
=== File format reference ===
* [[iNES]]
** [[NES 2.0]]
* [[UNIF]]
* [[NSF]]
* [[FDS]]
* [http://old.smwiki.net/wiki/IPS IPS]
=== Emulation reference ===
* List of NES [[emulators]]
* [[Emulator tests]]
* [[Game bugs]] - games that display buggy behavior on the actual hardware
* [[Tricky-to-emulate games]]
* [[Sprite overflow games]] - games which use the [[PPU_sprite_evaluation#Sprite_overflow_bug|sprite overflow bug]] of [[OAM]]
* [[Colour-emphasis games]] - games which make use of the colour emphasis bits of $2001
* [[Colour $0D games]] - games which use the infra-black colour $0D.
* [[Expansion audio games]] - Famicom games that use extra audio hardware.
=== Notes ===
* All content refer to the NTSC system unless otherwise specified
=== External links ===
* [http://console5.com/wiki/Nintendo_NES-001 NES-001 (frontloader)] and [http://console5.com/wiki/Nintendo_NES-101 NES-101 (toploader)] Control Deck PCB maps on Console5 TechWiki

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