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Our IRC channel is located on the EFnet network.

Find yourself an IRC client and drop by to #nesdev for assistance with your code or hardware related inquiries or interests.

Occasionally, EFnet's round-robin DNS may put you on a server that has K-lined (blocked) your IP address for some server-specific reason, or it might have the annoying "/QUOTE PONG :cookie" CAPTCHA. You may want to connect to a specific server instead, such as the following:

Tip: Some IRC servers won't K-line you anymore if you get ident working. Ident is a protocol to associate an IRC connection to a specific user account on a computer. Many IRC clients have built-in ident servers that run on port 113; make sure that's enabled. If you have a firewall or NAT router, these will probably block ident requests until you tell the router and firewall how to handle them. On the router, use port triggering (outbound 6667 -> inbound 113); on the software firewall, allow your IRC client to listen for connections on port 113.

The channel attempts to follow a standard

Voiced (+v) individuals are either friends of operators, respected regulars, or known to have an understanding of the NES/Famicom and its architecture. Not all of these people will be able to answer questions, but questions will eventually get answered.

Code or hardware related questions are better suited for most operators

The operators (or ops, +o) of the channel -- like most channels -- were chosen for specific reasons by other operators; mainly that they are trusted with the authority of managing the channel, keeping the bot (VonKaiser) opped, having a basic to advanced understanding of 6502, NES/Famicom architecture, and knowledge of other platforms.

"#NESdev" is not the official support channel for PowerPak and other RetroZone products, but bunnyboy is often on (under nick bunnyboy or retrousb).

"#NESdev" as a channel exists as a community to casually discuss hardware, software, NES/Famicom related topics (mainly pertaining to development or hacking,) and limited off-topic discussion.

Voiced individuals (+v) and operators (+o) have the ability to freely start any topic of their choosing. Users without op or voice status should "follow suit" of the current conversation or stay on the default topic of our channel: NES/Famicom (or loosely related 8-bit architectures') development, hacking and hardware.

As a channel we try to stay casual, informative, and helpful. Users that undesiredly use the help of others as a crutch or talk off-topic much too often will receive negative attention. ...Just because disapproval isn't publicly expressed, doesn't mean it does not exist or matter intensely.
Please be considerate of the majority of our users that log or lurk until insightful discussion has germinated.

We don't have rigid rules for bannable offenses. Operators may do as they please.

"#NESdev" is not considered a safe for work environment -- as discussions started by voices or ops are capable of running to any which direction; unless moderation is necessary. Please use your own discretion.

We're on our third bot. "LittleMac"

LittleMac is an Eggdrop bot that maintains user status. Instructions coming soon, once thefox installs some scripts.