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=== Current news ===
=== Current news ===
* All information transferred. Tutorials are not organized yet but are available in the [[Special:AllPages|special pages]].
* [2009-06-13] An experimental local html dump is available [[http://wiki.nesdev.com/wikiDump/NESdevWiki_20090613.7z here]].
* An experimental local html dump is available [[http://wiki.nesdev.com/wikiDump/NESdevWiki_20090613.7z here]].
* [2009-06-17] Orphaned content as been moved to the [[Getting_started|getting started]] page.
=== Layout test pages ===
=== Layout test pages ===

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Welcome to the nesdev wiki, the source for all your nes programming needs.

Nes reference

Reference section covers the nes architecture by categories.
Getting started

Not sure where to start or searching for some tutorial? The getting started section is what you're looking for.
Nesdev BBS

Cannot find what you're looking for? Come visit us on the bulletin board were many talented individual contribute everyday to the community.

Need some answers now? Then come visit us on the #NESdev channel where many individual can provide some instant help.

Current news

  • [2009-06-13] An experimental local html dump is available [here].

Layout test pages

If you have any example of layout for the wiki that you would like to share, please make a link to your examples here.